Artist’s Workshop: “6 Steps To Selling Your Art Prints” with Lauren Edgar and ArtisanHD

Recently I embarked on a solo adventure to Phoenix for something truly special: an art workshop with Lauren Edgar, The Artist Career Coach. Titled “6 Steps To Selling Your Art Prints,” it promised to be a game-changer for aspiring artists like myself, and it absolutely delivered!

Now, for me, this wasn’t just about the workshop (though that was fantastic!). It was a whole experience. As someone who hasn’t sold a piece yet, venturing out from Tucson to a workshop in Scottsdale felt like a mini-vacation – a few glorious hours dedicated entirely to my artistic dreams.

The best part? I wasn’t alone in this journey. The workshop connected me with three other fellow artists, all brimming with passion. And of course, there was Lauren who was a true inspiration with a wealth of knowledge to share. Having visited her website (see link below) I can honestly say she personifies her mission:

“My mission is to help you discover your strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve the goals and dreams you have for your art career.” Lauren Edgar

The venue itself added a touch of magic. Artisan Headquarters, nestled in Scottsdale, felt every bit the professional space it is. Artisan’s President & CEO, Doug Bondon, and his wife Dayna, treated us like VIPs right from the start. We were welcomed with a delicious breakfast spread of bagels, fesh fruit, coffee and tea – the perfect accompaniment to a day of creative exploration.

But their generosity didn’t stop there. Doug and Dayna took the time to personally show our group around their incredible 27,000 square foot facility, and to witnessing their intricate printing process firsthand was truly awe inspiring. They print on everything – canvas, metal, acrylic, you name it, and they even gave us a tote bag filled with sample prints on some of their high quality substrates including ¼” acrylic, brushed aluminum, canvas and more. I will be using these samples for reference when ordering from ArtisanHD in the future.

Here’s a quick snap I took after the event with Dayna, Doug, and Lauren – a fantastic team who made the whole day, a true ‘day to remember’: 

Dayna and Doug Bondon with Lauren Edgar inside Artisan's foyer during art workshop.

Feeling inspired and energized, I decided to extend my artistic adventure. On my way back to Tucson, I took a detour to explore the vibrant Scottsdale Arts District – another first for me! Among the many galleries, Anticus truly caught my eye, particularly the stunning bronze sculptures by Philip Payne.

Lauren Edgar’s workshop wasn’t just about the practicalities of selling art prints; it was about igniting a fire within aspiring artists like myself. It provided me with the tools and inspiration to more confidently step into the world of selling my art – a future that feels a whole lot more achievable now.



April 28, 2024

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